MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change.

"...five guiding ideas:
  • The first is our bedrock confidence in the process of scientific discovery. Just as with the depletion of the ozone layer and the rise of acid rain, so with climate change: Science has provided an early warning system. As a species, we are fortunate that climate science has alerted us to a planetary threat. The danger now is clear and present: an imperative to action. 
  • Second, we believe that when a complex global problem is intertwined with widely used commercial products and services, it will be impossible to solve without the active participation of industry, contributing its ingenuity and practical experience in delivering solutions at scale. Effective action on climate change will require dramatic advances in technology, especially energy technology. (...) 
  • Third, we understand that technology alone cannot solve this problem. Just as difficult as the technical challenges are the human ones, from public awareness to public acceptance, and from politics to policy. (...)
  • Fourth, experts and activists are vital—but so is everyone else. Addressing this global problem will take deep societal change. That means there is a role—and a personal responsibility—for everyone: every nation, every sector, every institution, every firm, every individual human being. We aim to help inform and inspire a broad societal movement to find climate solutions. We hope you will find your own opportunity, in our plan or elsewhere, to make a difference. 
  • Last and most important, we believe that, however daunting this challenge, meaningful progress is possible, and abdication is not an option."
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